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LGBT+ History Month - Rituparno Ghosh

As LGBT+ History Month draws to a close, this week we are featuring our last two #Behindthelens filmmakers who are sadly no longer with us but who had a lasting impact on the film industry.

Rituparno Ghosh, was an Indian film director, actor, writer and lyricist.

A remarkable pioneer of Indian cinema, Rituparno Ghosh was one of the only openly queer artists in the country’s film industry. Influenced by the likes of Satyajit Ray and Rabindranath Tagore, Ghosh pushed Indian filmmaking to new heights.

Ghosh reflected, “Ever since I was a copywriter at Response Advertising, Kolkata, I was an avid watcher of films by Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak, Mrinal Sen and Tapan Sinha. Viewing their films I learnt a lot about the language of filmmaking. In my heart of hearts, I also desired to direct films one day.’

According to filmmaker Goutam Ghose, ‘His films, with their sensitive portrayal of human relationships, anguish, trauma and love in a fast-changing, post-liberalisation India, charmed audiences. His brilliant storytelling reflected contemporary society like never before. While his death creates a tremendous void that can never be filled, Rituparno's work blazed a trail that has paved the way for an entire generation of filmmakers who have dared to be different. It was Rituparno who gave them the courage.’


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