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Workflow and D.I.T

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James is our Workflow Lead and Digital Imaging Technician living in the creative city of Bristol.


He makes complex workflows a breeze and he is always looking for new technologies and platforms to explore.

He has worked across Natural History, Entertainment, Drama, Children's TV, Corporate, Advertising and more on content for Broadcasters such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Netflix, National Geographic, Discovery and more!


His career in Post Production began at the BBC Natural History Unit where he spent over 4 years as an  Edit Assistant before taking on work with more companies in different industry sectors.

Over a 10 year period he progressed to Media Manager, Digital Imaging Technician and Workflow Consultant, working with many different production companies.


Alongside this he also designed, built and programmed bespoke tech such as motion activated cameras and motorised camera sliders as well as Data Wrangling and Camera Assisting on location.

This took him around the world to locations including Iceland, Cuba, Costa Rica, Zambia and Yellowstone Park filming creatures including whales, sloths, elephants and bears!


James’ passion for machines and technology knows no bounds. From 3D printing to software automations and even designing circuit boards he creates electronic wonders to inspire the world, which includes the revolutionary RAV-bot and a High Speed Camera Slider! 


Passionate about streamlining workflows, he turns complicated tech concepts into simple explanations; bridging the gap between creatives, ‘techies’ and management.


Never content with suboptimal off the shelf solutions, he has a natural ability to bring hardware and software together to create unique solutions for any production. If the software needed doesn’t exist, he will create it.


With a passion for making post-production stress free, cost effective and time efficient, James will help you navigate the ever-changing tech world and he’s always ready for the next adventure!


James Dalby, revolutionising post production one byte at a time!

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