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Catch 'Predators' on Sky and Now Tv

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

#Predators is now on Sky TV and you can stream the entire series on NOW TV!

The first episode, ‘Cheetah’ aired on 11th December.

It’s an incredible series with the most amazing characters and unconventional cinematography, making it a unique, alternative watch.

We are so proud to have worked on this series. Sarah was out on one of the polar bear shoots and that episode airs on the 18th December. Sarah also edited the Behind The Scenes!

Cunning Media hired out one of our Vixens to True To Nature for almost a year across multiple episodes!

The Sky release schedule is as follows: Ep 1 ‘Cheetah’ – 11 Dec Ep 2 ‘Polar Bear’ – 18 Dec Ep 3 ‘Lion’ – 25 Dec Ep 4 ‘Puma’ – 1 Jan Ep 5 ‘Wild Dog’ – 8 Jan

Photo of Sarah at the Premier of Predators at Everyman Cinema in Clifton on Monday!

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