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Edit Assistant Rate Card

Cunning Media is excited to present to you all our brand new Edit Assistant Rate card. Please feel free to share with your Edit Assistant friends and colleagues. Aimed at Edit Assistants in the Bristol area working in factual, unscripted and natural history television and based on full-time pay. The years of experience and skills are still a work in progress, so if you have any feedback, please email us at or DM us. PLEASE NOTE: This is a rate card for Edit Assistants (not Assistant Editors) in the Bristol area on full-time fixed-term contracts of 6 weeks or more, who until now have not had any standardised job description, rate card or representation. Our small company acts as an agency for EA’s and hires bespoke equipment to make their lives easier and days shorter. We get the best rates we can for the EA’s while training and supporting them. The rate card has taken around a year to put together (and still is a WIP). The data used for the rates come from working closely with ‘Bristol Editors Network’ to create a EA survey, as well as speaking with many individual EA’s and Production Managers about rates in the Bristol area. As specified on the rate card itself, BECTU rates referenced on the rate card are based on mid-ranges taken from the unscripted card: We absolutely think the Edit Assistant rates should be higher and Cunning Media will continue to highlight this and fight for this. This is why we added the columns comparing the EA rate to other roles (based on BECTU rate card); this makes it super clear that the going Bristol rates need to be higher! We regularly talk to EA’s who are on much less than the rates on our rate card and hope this helps them to negotiate better rates.

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