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February is LGBT+ month

As part of this year’s LGBT+ History Month, Cunning Media want to celebrate LGBT+ people who have made a significant impact in the world of technology.

Our first showcase, the brilliant Alan Turing! A genius mathematician, who in World War II designed the ‘Bombe’ computer to speed up the processing of data previously done by hand - by 1942 it could decrypt over 84,000 intercepted Nazi communications per month!

Although recognised as a hero, homosexuality was illegal in England until 1966 and in 1952 he was convicted with 'Gross Indecency' due to his homosexuality. This devastatingly led to him taking his own life in 1954.

⏩ 80 years later, Cunning Media has developed the Vixen and Fox computers that can crunch through hours of footage and data at super speeds – solving a crucial industry problem. Although, with one BIG difference to Alan’s machine that weighed around a ton – the size! Ours are about 150 times smaller and can even be taken in your hand luggage! (...and the Vixen is billions of times faster!)

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