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LGBT+ History Month - Céline Sciamma

Our next LGBT+ History Month feature for #Behindthelens is Céline Sciamma.

Céline Sciamma is a French screenwriter and film director. She is especially known for her films ‘Girlhood’, ‘My Life as a Courgette’, and ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’, winning many nominations and awards for her films.

A common theme in Sciamma's films is the fluidity of gender and sexual identity among girls and women, and her films explore the female gaze.

‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ is a perfect example of the filmmaker’s artistic concerns. In it, she managed to carve a cinematic space exclusively for women who have often been treated unfairly by the patriarchal nature of the medium.

When talking of ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ she says, “I see [the movie] as a manifesto about the female gaze. I see this as such a strong opportunity to make new stuff, new images, new narratives. They are such powerful images, and they are so not seen. And you are in charge. You have a strong responsibility. But also, there are so many opportunities to be playful. To embody ideas that matter a lot to myself, but also to a lot of people. I see it as a really great dynamic for creating and also very fun visually.”


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