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THAT’S A WRAP for Cunning 2022 Great British Bake Off run!

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

This year Cunning Media’s James worked on the main UK series, The Professionals, Celebrity Stand up to Cancer and Bake Off USA – this now completes the set, having also worked on Junior Bake Off last year.

Well over 2400 memory cards were safely wrangled with 3,000 + hours of footage, all gone through James…. as well as countless kilos of cakes!

Bake Off is a fantastic show to work on, especially as the crew are so lovely (one of the production crew even set us up their own mini coffee ‘shop’ making us fancy coffees, in return for donations to Ukraine) and James also had fun building himself a DIT cave, within a production tent (pictured) to make a big blacked out area for himself to work in.

Barbara our Edit Assistant was also brought along to the Celebrity Bake Off which was a lot of fun. A DIT work experience for her to see all the processes which go on location.

Roll on 2023 for more cake fuelled fun on location for the fantastic Great British Bake Off!

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