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Sarah part of Wildscreen Festival Panel ‘'The Out Side - The Power of LGBTQI+ Storytellers'’

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

It was great to see our Sarah Bright up on stage for the Wildscreen Festival. A fantastic audience and great vibe for a 9am morning session!

Sarah was part of the talk 'The Out Side - The Power of LGBTQI+ Storytellers', on the unique strengths of LGBTQIA+ storytellers in science and natural history programming.

All speakers talked about the strengths they brought to storytelling, in particular Sarah spoke about what she brings to her work as an Editor, her previous experience and journey on becoming who she is as a lesbian and woman in television.

The consensus amongst the speakers was that workplaces still need to be more LGBTQI+ friendly and inclusive so that people are able to be their true self when at work, allowing them to tap into their unique perspectives.

The audience had lots of questions and came up to the speakers after to thank them. Some said that parts of the talk really resonated with them and left them inspired and excited for their future career!

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