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Editor and D.I.T

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Sarah is a Bristol-based Video Editor and Digital Imaging Technician. She’s been crafting audio-visual magic behind the scenes since ’08 and she’s a pro at turning your project into something special.

She started her career as a runner in London and then spent a few years as an Edit Assistant in the wonderful city of Bristol, where she gained experience offloading rushes, transcoding/ingesting, crafting data heavy workflows, logging footage and Avid project management before climbing that big old ladder up to Editor and DIT. 
A self-proclaimed Geek, Editor & Digital Alchemist, blending knowledge and imagination to bring stories alive. 

By combining art, creativity and tech she strives to capture every moment with her unwavering passion for storytelling. She loves to travel the world on shoots as a DIT from camping in the Sahara desert to sailing through pack ice in the Arctic, she comes loaded with a duffle bag full of technical know-how and enthusiasm (and her Switch) fuelled by music and adventure!


When she isn’t in pursuit of storytelling and climbing creative mountains, in her spare time she’s conquering video games, exploring the depths of movement of colour, texture and composition on a canvas or on a quest for inner peace! 

So follow her on our socials as her journey to perfecting her craft continues to unlock new levels of her creativity and technical prowess.

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