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Edit Assistants
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  • Edit Assistant Agency

  • Specialising in multicam competition shows (eg Bake Off, Handmade, etc)

  • Natural History

[add brief description]

  • EA training (training other peoples EA's)

  • Data Wrangling Training

  • Talks (eg DIT in remote location)

Other Services
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  • Ingest

  • Remote Location Ingest (send out a Vixen)

  • DIT Ingest 'Lab' for Drama

  • Conforms

  • AI Upscaling of footage, grain removal and enhancement of footage

  • LTO backup

  • Workflow Consultancy

  • Hard Drive Advice

Kit Hire
[add brief description]

  • Vixens

  • Offload Laptops

  • Edit Suites (vixen)

  • Cloud Editing

  • Rushes Upload

Edit Assistants (Content Table)
Training (Content Table)
Other Services (Content Table)
Kit Hire (Content Table)


We have Edit Assistants of all levels available to work on your productions.

They are comfortable with Avid, Premiere and DaVinci Resolve, Mac and Windows.

Their skillsets include: Ingest, Syncing, Grouping, Multicam, Media Management, Sync Pulls and much more.
Whatever your productions needs.

All our EA's also have the support of Cunning's most expert team members who have over 10 years of experience as well as ongoing training and career development.

Our EA's recent TV credits include: 

The Great British Bake Off
The Great Pottery Throwdown
The Great British Sewing Bee
Bake Off The Professionsals
Warrior Island
Spring Watch
Winter Watch
The Piano
Gardeners World

For more information on our amazing team of talented Edit Assistants click here!



As CCK affiliates we can offer you free advice on the fastest, most cost-effective, drives suitable for your production, based on our own expert knowledge of offloading rushes on location all over the world.


As well as saving time and money this means that your team can get a good night's sleep instead of waiting for their footage to copy until the early hours of the morning!


Get in touch for free advice on hard drives.

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Is your footage in safe hands?

Over the last 14 years, founding partners James and Sarah have data wrangled on locations all over the world! From the jungle, to the mountains, from 50 freezing tenths, to 5 star hotels, we have done it all.

We have in-depth, first hand knowledge of data wrangling and can equip you or your team with the knowledge you need to make sure your footage is used safely. 

If you would like to book expert training for anyone who will be data wrangling on location get in touch.

We tailor each training session to your production’s individual needs, whether you're using one camera or 10, whether it's HD or 4K.

We will come to you with a typical MacBook Pro float kit with cables, hobs and adapters. We can train you in the offload software of your choice, which includes Shotput Pro, Hedge, and Silverstack.
We can also hire out our amazing location offload kits.

Get in touch.



Cunning Media offer a consultancy service in which we give advice and expertise to any production in order to design their workflow from scratch or to help them improve their current workflow.

We gather the information required to build the most streamlined workflow for each client and, by tapping into our many years of experience, we can innovate and implement new procedures which will speed up offload, ingest and delivery to their chosen post-production house.

Not only that, we can also offer training to support the new workflow or for the changes we implement.

From camera to edit suite, Cunning Media will support you every step of the way.

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We are always interested to hear from Edit Assistants, Data Wranglers and DIT's. Send us an email introducing yourself and attach a CV.

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