Revolutionising post production



We offer a unique DIT, media ingest and kit hire service incorporating our niche skills and solid industry experience with our own specialist offloading and transcoding kit. 


We provide DITs for film shoots, hire and build kit and also offer advice on workflows and processes, working with clients to tailor to their needs to deliver a top quality service.


​Our kit is affordable, super fast and lightweight which means it's ideal for offloading on location.


We offer smart solutions for companies of all sizes and pride ourselves on our unparalleled, dedicated service. At Cunning Media, we believe that some of our solutions will soon become one of the best in the industry. With a combined 15 years of industry experience, we already know that our comprehensive technological solutions will help industry leading companies and individuals achieve greater success.


 Our services 

  • Data Wranglers and DIT's (Digital Imaging Technicians)

  • Dry and wet hire of equipment for Offload, Ingest and Editing

  • Expert Advice on the most efficient and cost effective Workflow for your productions needs.

We can receive media from clients to copy, ingest and prep edit projects, freeing up their own crew for more time-urgent processes.

We also offer short-form and long-form editing skills on a wide range of projects from adverts to news to natural history documentaries. 




We make bespoke computers and processors that can handle footage processing at ulta-fast speeds. We tailor our workflows and equipment for every job to ensure that you are always getting the fastest turnaround for the best price.

Working with Avid, Davinci or Premiere, our custom designed DIT offload and transcode kit is powerful and portable. It makes the toughest multi-camera workflows and remote locations a breeze.



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